Tai Fuwa?









Hiya, I am the content creator at MarketingNormad, where I journal my thoughts on all things marketing and life. Before that, I was at Amazon

This site content includes my knowledge on whatever marketing is and top 5 things I see as significant. I share my favourites books, video and articles,  how I navigate the people in my life and more.

You can email me at taiwo [at] marketingnormad [dot] eu.


Things I like:

  • Reading words on pages
  • Friends
  • Lists
  • Writing or pretending to write
  • Try to learn new things/habits ( Waking up early, touch typing, Language)
  • One thing I do not do is edit my own work, yes I know I should hey it is my work damn it

I’ve failed and succeeded over the years, these are my stories.