Health or Wealth which do you want more!!!

Today is one of those days where I am really looking at things in my life and trying to figure out where the next step will be.

You see whenever I get into this funk my wife says I am over thinking or I am been hard on myself but the reality I honestly do not know.

I think I am not just satisfied with where I am and I am trying my possible best to get to that next level I want to be in life. It is very frustrating for me because I think I expect myself to be at a point but I do not know where that point knows if I am getting there or not.

I point it down to one thing and one thing only GOAL. I do not think I follow through on the goals I set out for myself or the goals I have set out are not strong enough to get my blood pumping.

Over the years I have focused on goals that I think will be good for me but let’s face it in life there is only one thing that is far more important to even health and it is wealth. DO not get me wrong without health it would be impossible for you to make wealth.

However, let’s say health is given, meaning if you eat alright and sleep well, it almost becomes automatic you do not think about health again unless you actually become sick. Even fat people do not see themselves as unhealthy because at least they can still do the things they want.

Maybe until they see a friend or watch a movie then they kind of think about health in the way of getting healthier. Do not get it wrong been healthier does not change a lot of things majorly. Honestly, I have thought about it and I do not think it does.

But been wealthier does change, things a lot just think about it, for example before you are leaving in an apartment and you get more and you start leaving in a house and after you have another house and a better car. Maybe at this point, you might think I need to get healthier.

So I am asking myself this question now what is enough money, how much do I want to earn a year that would make me feel like I am become coming wealthier or becoming more comfortable.

How Much do you want to Earn

After doing some calculations, a salary of 120,000 equates to a monthly payment of 10,000, the weekly pay of 2,308, and an hourly wage of 57.69 and daily payment of 461.52.

And one thing I have learnt about trying to get something is you have to work you way up to it before you can get it. At my current skill level, I definitely will not be getting that amount so what can I start doing so that I can hit that number. Let us face that number is still low but I see it as being a very comfortable figure for now.

Here is why I say that number is low:

pay guide

 From the table above, you can see that the take home for earning that amount is just over 6k really so it means you give the government over 4k in taxes and now you are left with 6k for maintenance. This includes you, your family, and those you look to assist in life.
I hope you get the point now but getting to this number will make a lot of difference for me. Some of you reading this might be close to this number, if you are exceeding it already congrats, contact me to know what you have done so that I can replicate it. Why reinvent the wheel when someone else has already done it.
My point here is wealth or health, I choose wealth for this reason when you have something already, you always want other things, God willing I am healthy so the next thing is wealth.


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