Tools I use videos I watch from time to time to remind me that sometimes you just need time to learn and grow.

My Favourite Tools

  • Sumo: Free marketing tools to grow your email list
  • HelloBar: Another WordPress plugin for running list-building

My Favourite Books

  • Deep Work – Made me understand immediately why things should be done with entire focus
  • Personal MBA – Read this book and it made me automatically conversant in the language of those expensive MBA courses but it does not replace them though
  • How To Get Out Of Your Own Way – Tyrese talks about why we are who we are, was shocked by the amount of thought he actually put into writing this book
  • Evil Plans: Escape the Rat Race and Start Doing Something You Love – Made me realise that a simple idea can make a big difference only if worked tirelessly
  • I have so much more but I think four is enough

My Favourite Videos