Top 5 Morning Routine To Have


As a kid, the first thing I used to do on a Saturday morning was to wake up find the nearest TV and switch to channel 5, at the time there was Cadbury breakfast show, with a lineup of cartoon programs, depending on the week, it was either Jamie Foxx show, Different World or some other show.

After that, head out with friends find a field to play some football until I got exhausted then head back home for breakfast. Then maybe, I will find myself some chores to do around the house. After all, it was a big house and sometimes my brother and I can not be asked to do anything.

Years later, I find myself waking up in boarding school, the first thing I find myself doing was my laundry, then, chores, then breakfast, then I am free to do whatever I wanted. Still, I could not just go and play football.

I found myself with a routine, something that would keep me occupied but I found that once I am back home, everything starts all over again.

Wake up, find the nearest TV, play football and so on. However, I noticed that as I grew older my morning routines never changed from what it used to do and at first, I never saw that as concerning, but as time went on I started seeing the side effects of those morning habits I have built.

So as an adult I ask what morning habits would you think is good and bad, well it depends on what you want. I saw a documentary about Warren Buffet and how he still drinks Coca-Cola and still goes through the drive-through in McDonald’s almost every morning. You will think he should know better right, well it is his routine and that does not mean he does not function well or performs at his peak.

So when I say routines, I mean if you have been trying to get some things done and for some reason or the other you have been unable to get things done due to your excuse as a habit then it is time to start looking at what you could do differently to rid yourself of these annoying habits and propel yourself forward.

Routines makes champions start with this list of 5

One, Write things down; I can tell you I still struggle with this because writing requires thinking and if you have not done it in a while then you will find this very difficult.  Even Carl Jung said it that thinking is one of the most difficult things to do and that is why many people judge. As I am writing this now, my mental energy is getting drained but I know it is good for me so I am hell bent on getting the words out. Try it, I can promise you, it won’t be easy but it will be worth the effort.

journal- write things down

And sometimes, you have to know when something is not for you but if you have not tried it, do not knock it. Also, give it some time for it to build up.

You don’t have to be religious

Two, Pray, I do not know much about prayer anymore, because I realised that if you pray when you want something, then you are selfish so I do it every day, I do it anytime I can even if it is for a minute, I try to be grateful for what I have even in the worst of all moments, I try my best to be grateful. Try it, it can be hard because you are so focused on what you want and you forget to be grateful. Another thing I must touch on is, don’t look at people that have less than you, and then be grateful to me that is just wrong. I feel the holy book even said whatever position you find yourself, just be thankful.

No looking for people who have less, promise yourself.

Start small, aim big

Three, have a small win early in the day; for me, my small win is laying my bed before I leave the house, it can seem mundane but I do this 98% of my time, why because I know that no matter how bad things get I have done something right today already. Some people’s small win might be different, some it is opening the window to see the world early in the morning, pick yours. Just a small win.

small wins

Four, move your body; even if it is for 2 minutes and you do not break a sweat, it is fine just knowing that you have decided to actively engage your body and once you do this, it will encourage you to do more. I heard Warren Buffet make this interesting analogy that I am starting to adopt. it goes like this:

If you are to pick a car of your dream right now, which car will you pick?, now that you have picked your car, if I was to tell you, you will have that car for a week, how will you take care of it, how about you will have that car for the next 10 years how will you take car of it, now what if you can have that car for life.

Everything is paid for and all you need to do is make sure the car drives at it is optimum, well think of that car as your body and you know you will have that for the rest of your life, how will you make sure it stays in optimum condition and produces regularly.

So your mind, body and everything needs to function, so move your body and your mind to make it function.

Five, give what you have at least some of it; when I hear the word give it scares me, because it is hard to decide what you want to give especially when you are trying to get some personal project completed. What I now do when it comes to giving is whatever leaves my possesion that does not directly benefit me. So if I am calling a friend, giving gift attending friends get together, it is all giving.

The rationale for me is simple, I can always be in my apartment and do nothing or pretend to do nothing. Just knowing that it is my time is enough for me.


On a final note think of routines as small steps of action that lead to bigger things, but if you do nothing at all do number 1 the benefits far outweigh the side effects. Now I am completely burnt out but guess what I am going to try it again tomorrow and hopefully it gets easier.


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