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Top 5 books that influenced me

The reasons for writing books can always be questions and I used to find it really hard to pay for books even though I needed it. While in university we have maths book recommendations and another java book both costing over €150 for just 2 books, that was insane anyway at that time I found amazon and it reduced the cost to about €70 used the books and I can not tell you where they are right now.

Anyway, after university, I found that there were more books to buy, 10 there 15 there they add up by the end of the year. I could still not believe that I buy them now because those days I would have screamed blue mother.

But now I check myself whenever I buy a book and wonder why I buy the book in the first place and it got me wondering why are books published in the first place. Here are my thoughts on why books are published.

Top Reason 1: To make Money

If anyone tells me that they are doing it for the joy of it I will slap them in the face, I am writing this blog right now for a reason both long and short term. There is always a reason. So when I go into a book shop and see a book for a certain price I look at it as someone trying to put food on the table.

If the book sells then great and if it does not then too bad, but the good thing about been an author is that they are almost good at producing content consistently so maybe the next project will hit. But if you hear anyone say they are selling or putting a price tag on their book because they want all humanity to wish them will that is a bunch of hot air. Books are there to make money.

Top Reason 2: To show expertise

There is no better tool these days than a book to show your expertise. Though there are other media like blogs, podcast and videos. But to sit down for days or years and come up with a 250 or 500-page book says something about you.

You are dedicated to your craft and you are ready to pay the price. Even if you book is not great, I do not think there are a lot of people out there that would go into that arena of book writing. Some people go into it and never come back out on the other end with a manuscript not to talk about a book. So think about it, you have sat down, analysed and finally, you have decided that the next thing now is a book.

Top Reason 3: To keep a record

A book is like someone’s life, business or technical diary nothing more. everything else falls under these 3 Genre. Are you talking about a Novel it is someone’s imagination and that means the person is living another life. If it is a mathematical or computing book then, it is technical + life, anyway, you get the theme.

There is this saying that “there is a book in everyone” well it is true you just have to be intentional about it and you will see yourself sharing your record.

Top Reason 4: Front End Product (Lead Generation)

Business consultants now use books as a calling card, I can say I have spoken to some writers that do not sound as articulate as they do in the books. The question is why did I speak to them in the first place because I see them as experts. It takes a lot to write a blog post, and even more to write a book, so whenever I see someone who has accomplished these feet I am in awe always.

Anyway, the point is if you have some idea or business you are starting may be the best way to break into the market is by writing a book, you will be surprised how much people will line up with money to speak to you

Top Reason 5: To help others

Finally, this might not sound true but it is, regardless of the reason for writing a book there is always that feeling of helping others. James Altucher mentioned that books are great because it helps you chat with someone that has gone through something for over a certain number of years and you can get what you need almost instantly.

Think about it for a second, you see that your business is struggling and you find a book that speaks to your issue, you try out the ideas and you find out that you can make adjustments. Or the book 5-love languages and more from the top 5 books

Let me know what other reason on why people write books may be there are some points I have not thought about.

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